About us

pictureThe company (then called ‘Durler Consulting Ltd) was founded in 2001 by Julian Dawson.  A well travelled former British army officer, he set out to establish businesses in the Far East and found that the scarcity of highly qualified, but also highly principled and motivated business leaders, was very acute.

He concentrated the mining practice on finding exceptional people for very difficult roles in difficult contexts, many of our case studies are therefore cross-border, multi-jurisdictional or have multicultural implications.

The company is always prepared to share the pain – for selected companies, subject to a specific agreement, we are happy to take shares in part exchange for professional fees, so everyone wins and we are very much linked in to your fate and success.  We therefore expect to partner closely with our clients for mutual benefit!

We travel extensively and work with private and public companies on TSX and TSX.V, ASX, JSE and AIM companies on a regular basis around the world.