Did you know?

Robert Durler, the company founder’s great grandson (and after whom the company was initially named), was one of the original Luton ‘hatters’, which is now the nickname of modern day English football club Luton Town.  Robert Durler imported straw for boaters and other hats from the Far East, a legendary relationship which was established without him ever once visiting his oriental suppliers.

Robert lived very close to Luton Hoo, the house purchased by Sir Julius Werner, one of the original, most prudent and most successful southern African ‘Rand Barons’ or ‘Randlords’, and lived in by his descendants until very recently.  Robert and his family went to the house for pheasant shoots and soirees with Julius and latterly with his successor, Harold.  As German Swiss and German families, they probably had much in common, although as Sir Julius died the richest man in England, the families were certainly not comparable in wealth!

Dawson Talent International was previously called Durler Consulting, named after this now extinct branch of the family who had such illustrious mining friends, although it seems serendipitous that the Durlers married into the Dawson family, who were themselves quarrymen for many generations.