People for projects? A bespoke solution

If you are an individual with access to an excellent project or commercial opportunity, perhaps we can help. For several months, we have been looking at project ideas in their infancy, sometimes even with only one individual driving the establishment of the business.

We have contacts all over the world which we indeed use typically to fill conventional search assignments. However, for such projects we are very happy to work with a project initiating individual or team to ‘wrap around’ a balanced board and senior management (when the timing is appropriate) which will be able to assess and promote a project. We will behave as a people partner to the new business in return for equity in the start up business. This is on a success only basis, there is no obligation for either a consultation or our assistance unless specially agreed in writing. If you have a project and are seeking to find the people and funding to go with it, please get in touch privately, we may well be able to help. Likewise, if you would like to privately suggest any refinements or other complementary ideas, please let us know.

If you have an interest in this as an idea as a topic of discussion, we welcome your comments on this page.

Lunch discussion in House of Commons, UK, 13th October 2009

Lunch discussion in association with Global Rock Exchange, House of Commons, United Kingdom, 13th October 2009

A big thank you to Julian Dawson for hosting a thought provoking lunch at the House of Commons and leading a discussion about the future and structure of junior mining company boards.

A skilled and professional facilitator, Julian invited an open forum debate which identified many questions and concerns amongst corporate officers.

It was of personal interest to hear that despite increased corporate governance, independent directors can still feel isolated amongst their fellow board members. When their experience and views may well prevent strategic or statutory mishaps in the future, it seems a pity we still hear occasionally that these very experienced corporate officers are not used as they were intended. It would be interesting to hear how many Non-Executive Directors think they are fully and correctly utilised.

There is no shame in admitting that the board is not working as a cohesive team. The shame would be in not recognising it and sweeping under the carpet. It is often a relief to introduce a third party to review executive matters.

Julian will no doubt be working with more directors, in the future, to create strength and experience in the content of their board of directors.

Copyright:  Janet Bewsey, (published with permission)