Sector focus

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Our exposure to the mining market has been extensive.  We have worked with a number of mining companies, including those working with uranium, lithium, iron ore, gold, copper and a host of other metals and minerals.  The jurisdictions these have covered have been widespread and have involved contacts on all continents.

We have language and operational coverage of the American continent, Asia, EMEA and Australasia and have placed individuals in some usual and some extraordinary places! Our ability to locate such individuals is unparalleled and often we work as an internal team across borders to ensure that we are able to fulfil our commitment to clients as rapidly as possible.

We often use assignments to gather business intelligence for our clients, so if you are looking at a new maket and for a specialist to operate within it, we can identify people through a talent mapping process, with extensive information on trends, competitors, markets, buyers, cultural sensitivities and so on.  We also link with clients for the interview stages, travelling (if necessary and productive) with senior executives to different jurisdictions helping facilitate the interview process, supplemented if appropriate and required by commercial introductions to leading relevant industry figures.

The roles we deal with typically are for senior value-add functional or technical personnel at board or senior management level, including CEOs, CFOs, COOs and geological and engineering staff.  We work closely with our associates at, to whom we refer middle and junior management roles.

We are also proud to work with our associates at the Association of Mining Analysts, who provide superb networking opportunities, presentations and conferences.

We have pleasure to provide a sample of current metals prices.