Executive Search

Logos2Our core service has always been to pursue a traditional approach to executive search. Reaching out to industry experts, who then help to refer our specialist researchers to others in the field with the required skills and leadership behaviours. This is reputation based and therefore carries greater assurances of a quality end result.


This is a much maligned concept – mostly, when we tell an applicant about the challenges of a role, they buy into that as the primary reason for them to remain in consideration.  What we do best in representing our clients’ reputation is demonstrating integrity and therefore giving the appropriate reassurances through the clarity of the message.

We are extraordinarily fast and communicative, normally reaching first stage interviews with the recruiting manager or director from initial brief within six weeks. This is based upon clear instructions and quick exchanges of information, data and intelligence to help refine the search ‘on the fly’.


In twelve years of operation, we have not failed to fill a role which has remained open by the end of the search process. We also consider it one of our most important roles to safeguard your reputation in the process, by handling queries and applicants with respect and consideration.