Logos2Consultancy has become rather a dirty word.  However, we are what it was meant to be originally – a group of functional experts providing advice and guidance to our clients, sometimes paid, sometimes not, with the reciprocally supportive relationship between us and our clients of paramount importance.

This emphasises the most important virtues to us:  quality, experience, speed (without destructive short cuts) and integrity.


We are available to offer a range of advice and support for the following activities, calling on our in-house expertise and a wide range of industry and functional experts in areas such as:

  • Recruitment team audit and change management
  • Interim recruitment management
  • ATS software selection and migration
  • Presentation and technical training
  • Board facilitation and development

This offering has developed over a number of years from our roots as an executive search (or head-hunting) firm and the very close relationships developed as a result.  There are rarely problems that arise that we cannot help to refer to a solution.